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    Looking to build a health-related mobile app or web tool for employees, patients, or consumers?

    We build products that are more than skin deep. Our apps, dashboards and web tools get to the heart of the matter: they're secure, reliable and enjoyable to use.

    Here is a snapshot of features and tools we are experienced in:

    HIPAA server compliance
    Consultation scheduling
    Appointment management & calendar integration
    Patient portals
    Diagnostic tools
    Nutrition/fitness planning features
    Secure video calls
    Bluetooth device integration (IoT)
    Secure payments
    In-app messaging
    Push notifications
    Search functionality
    Monetization strategies
    Scalable architecture
    Secure documentation and signature collection
    Home delivery scheduling and management
    Apple Health integration
    EMR/EHR database integration
    Custom CRM and ERP software
    Mobile app development
    Web app development
    Data collection tools
    Admin dashboards

    We are the best at building intuitive digital tools for the healthcare industry.

    But don't take our word for it. Ask any of our awesome clients about the results we deliver:

    Profile by Sanford Health

    New Journey apps allowed Profile to sell more services, adding an estimated $3 million to their bottom line.

    Read our Case Study
    Kwikly Dental Staffing

    On-demand dental staffing platform named by as one of the fastest growing companies in 2022 thanks to the first of its kind mobile technology.

    Read our Case Study

    A technology solution for local physician call coverage for hospitals & physicians raised over $650,000 in funding after launch of its apps.

    Read our Case Study
    Fortune 5

    We have an NDA here prohibiting the release of specifics, but we wanted to include this project to show we work with companies of all sizes.

    Who is The Jed Mahonis Group?

    We're a collaborative software development team with over a decade of experience building mobile and web tools for the healthcare industry.

    We pride ourselves on rapid delivery, open communication and collaborative relationships, all at a competitive rate.

    How do we do this? Being a small, remote team is a purposeful decision. We keep our processes streamlined and our communication succinct. And since we've been collaborating remotely for over a decade, we have virtual work down to a science.

    None of this means sacrificing on the quality of the mobile apps or web tools we build. We only build natively, meaning we work in code specific to each platform, because it gives the best user experience and opportunities for growth.

    Each member of our team is an expert at what they do and we don't use that term loosely.

    • Our CEO has been developing mobile apps since soon after the launch of the App Store
    • Our CTO has been working with web and server frameworks for over 2 decades
    • Our Project Manager has 15 years of experience managing the development of digital tools
    • Our Lead Developers have primarily worked on digital tools for health and medtech companies

    Working with The Jed Mahonis Group means you'll be working with a team of highly experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost if you were to hire each of these roles individually.

    Snapshot of our team:

    U.S. based

    Trusted partner of Medical Alley

    apps launched to Apple and Google Play

    internal tools, like CRMs, diagnostics, admin dashboards

    Star Client Rating on Clutch

    collective years experience building digital tools

    Our Process and Value-Add

    Working with The Jed Mahonis Group means you'll be working with the same people every week. We've always been a remote team (before it was mainstream), so communicating virtually is our specialty.

    • Weekly Zoom calls with our team and yours for progress updates and walkthroughs
    • Slack workgroup for easy daily communication
    • Trello board for the organization so you always know exactly what we're working on

    We're here for the long haul, not just the launch of your app, because mobile apps are never quite "done".

    • Apple and Google release new operating systems and break things that were working just fine. Our code maintenance team is ready!
    • A dependency update causes a feature to no longer function properly; i.e Google changes location permissions and the map no longer functions. Our support team is on it!
    • User feedback generates a list of features to edit or create. Our project manager will make sure these are prioritized alongside the app's goals.

    Some development teams (especially overseas ones) expect you to test your own app. Not us. The Jed Mahonis Group has a dedicated QA team for testing your app before launch and as new features are added.

    We have a 75% retention rate with our clients, and the 25% that have moved on have only done so because they have hired internal staff to manage their apps or their business has moved away from mobile.

    Because of this retention rate, we prefer to think of our clients as partners, and we'd love to partner with your team for the development, maintenance and support of your mobile app.

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