Custom mobile app development is not cheap, but that doesn't mean pricing needs to be confusing.

Follow us along the App Development Lifecycle to get a clearer picture on why pricing a custom app is difficult and see our process for uncovering a better estimate for your project.

The App Development Lifecycle

Step 1: Strategy

The goal of a strategy session is to vet your product’s viability and determine metrics for its success before any money is spent on development.

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Step 2: Discovery

Once the strategy is in place, we begin the discovery phase. Here we develop a list of user stories and feature requirements in order to set the roadmap for development.

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Step 3: Design and Infrastructure Development

While we design the UI/UX for the front end of your app, we also build the foundation for the backend at the same time. This phase produces a work order for the development, the scope of which can vary depending on project size.

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Step 4: Development Sprints

It’s time to run, er, sprint. We select a number of features and commit to delivering those features within a two week timeline. These two week cycles repeat until the app is ready to launch.

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Step 5: Support & Maintenance

The work doesn't end once version 1.0 hits the app stores. We continue to keep your app performing at the highest level with regular maintenance and support.

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