Redesigned fintech apps significantly lower support tickets to create a better user experience.

Services Provided:
  • Strategic Consultation
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • API Integration


MarketBeat is an Inc. 5000 financial media company that empowers individual investors to make better trading decisions with real-time financial data, in-depth analysis, and best-in-class stock research tools.

MarketBeat has been recognized by Barron’s, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Forbes, and Inc. for its rapid growth and success. With more than 3 million subscribers, MarketBeat is the largest digital media company in the Dakotas.

The MarketBeat app allows users to create a watchlist of their stocks, enabling them to see a live feed of the most important headlines and information for the companies they follow. They can also see a historical summary of rating changes, earnings announcements, dividends, and insider trades for stocks on their watchlist.


MarketBeat’s app was developed in React Native, a cross-platform tool where developers write once and deploy everywhere using JavaScript.

With MarketBeat’s vendor no longer interested in maintaining the React Native app, it became error-prone, causing MarketBeat’s team to receive a significant amount of support tickets from a large user base of its 3 million newsletter subscribers.

To stay competitive in the fintech industry, MarketBeat wanted to provide current app subscribers with a better user experience as well as incorporate new features into the app. They determined they needed to replace their existing React Native application with native mobile apps written to accomplish their goals.

Native app development is the process of building an app for a specific platform. With features and user interfaces built specifically for each platform, native mobile apps result in a higher-quality user experience, exactly like MarketBeat was looking for.


Armed with an in-house designer to manage the app’s design, along with the involvement of their lead engineer, MarketBeat partnered with The Jed Mahonis Group’s (JMG) project manager, Android developer, iOS developer, and CEO to create native redesigns of their fintech app.

Using SwiftUI to build the iOS app and Jetpack Compose for the Android app, JMG added search functionality, push notifications, a user settings page, and account deletion options (required by Apple and Google) and integrated the apps with MarketBeat’s main API.

With weekly Zoom calls for project status updates, Slack messages for daily team communication, and a Trello board for organizing the project’s progress, the project took five months to develop, test, and launch an iOS app and an Android app.

Market Beat

Image source: MarketBeat

I’m most impressed with The Jed Mahonis Group’s organization. I’ve worked with other companies before that were extremely disorganized and it was a struggle. JMG’s project management is excellent. We have a weekly Zoom meeting and a Slack group where our development teams communicate to resolve any issues that may arise. Moreover, The Jed Mahonis Group has met the arranged timelines. They gave us access to their Trello board, where they track our project’s progress and ensure it’s moving forward.”


“Since we launched the app developed by The Jed Mahonis Group, we haven’t received a significant amount of support tickets. Our goal was to provide a better experience for our existing subscribers, and The Jed Mahonis Group has helped us achieve that.” - William Bushee, VP of Operations

The MarketBeat app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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